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I liked the notes I wrote over at ff.net so I left them intact here at the end of the epilogue.   I have another post of notes coming up, too.  I have a lot to say!!  ;)   

EoA EpilogueCollapse )

This is the last chapter of EoA, but there is an epilogue to follow. I will probably get ansty and post it on Wednesday. I generally do not like the endings to my stories (ask jedimara77--my constant overthinking of them drives her nuts!) but I love EoA's epilogue.   Thank you all for reading.  It means so much to me that you've enjoyed my story!   

EoA 17Collapse )

Chapter 16 is a long chapter, but I didn't feel like any of it could be cut or halved.   Hope you enjoy!!

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Chapter 15 has two of my favorite scenes in it. I hope you all will enjoy, too!  

Chapter 15Collapse )

This chapter is a tad short because it and chapter 15 were originally one very (very) long chapter.  I’m glad so many of you like Betrys.  :)   I hope you'll enjoy seeing more of her interaction with Luke in this chapter, and Ben's, too...

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Commissioned Art

I commissioned a beautiful piece of Luke/Mara artwork from SvenjaLiv over on Deviant Art.   I based it on my smabble, Aftermath.   'Aftermath' is rated NC-17  but this art work is PG.  

Beautiful L/M ArtCollapse )

Chapter 11 marks another turning point--I am completely done with EoA!!  *throws confetti*    The wonderful jedimara77 has finished betaing so I will now be posting 2x a week!  I'll probably post Chapter 12 this Thursday.   I feel so accomplished.  I've been working on this since November.  The bulk of it was written then, but several scenes had to be changed and a lot (a lot) of editing had to be done... just ask Nanci.  ;)    Thanks for reading!!

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